Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Town will be Biglou's next movie review.

Hello everyone this is biglou blogging from around the world.  I hope this blog finds you well.

The next movie that biglou will review will be the movie "The Town" starring that hated Bostonian and horrible actor Ben Affleck.  Before I review I just hope they don't have that HORRIBLE Boston accent.  Is there anything worse than a BOSTON accent.. I have to put on subtitles just to understand what the heck they are saying..  Its like watching the darn British. What the heck do they ever say??  I can usually understand the last word they say, and then they ramble on more and I am trying to figure out what they just said, and then I am completely lost.  I may as well watch a foreign film from Japan and read the whole darn movie.  If I wanted to read the movie, I would have bought the book!!!  I always love it when people say the book was better.. NO. I don't think so..  I watch a heck of a lot more movies, than read books..  So that tells you something right there.  People usually say when they have nothing to do "Lets all  go to the movies".  Nobody says "hey lets all read a book together".   We have a family tradition of going to the Movies on Christmas Day.. We DON'T have a Christmas tradition of reading Books.   People like Movies more than books.  That is why this is "biglou's movie review" and not "biglou's book review",  but that might be a good idea.   But the reason I have millions of followers is because of my MOVIE reviews, not book reviews.. People love the MOVIES.

I haven't seen the movie "The Town" yet, but I can't wait..  I hope someone goes up to Blockbuster and get me that movie, and when they do, they will be blockbuster's first customer of the day..  But when they get me that movie, I will watch and then I will review it.  So don't  waste your money yet until you hear from me.

Stay tuned and check often for my next review on the movie "The Town" coming to a theatre near you.


  1. that was a great blog. very interesting and insightful. Keep us the good blogs.


  2. now that's a review, very funny. hope someone went to blockbuster for you so you can watch the town, and give us a great review.