Sunday, December 26, 2010

So, I saw the movie  TOWN starring Benjamin Afleck.  I heard a lot of things about TOWN.  I heard a lot of good things about TOWN.  I heard so many good things about TOWN that I knew it would be hard to live up to all these expectations. 

Have you ever met a person from Boston, every movie that takes place in Boston they love that movie.  They think that movie is better than slice bread.  They think any movie from Boston should be nominated for an academy award.  Well let me tell you something,  before Benji Afleck and Matty Damon came around with that Bad Will Hunting (I was not a big fan of that movie, Biglou thought it was kind of long and drawn out. Plus I get tired of Robin Williams trying to be all serious).

I didn't like the girl in TOWN, I don't know why, I just didn't like her too much.  I've seen her in other stuff, but I can't remember.   I don't know her name either.  I've also seen the guy who played the "bad guy" in the movie, the guy who was Ben's friend, but I don't know what movie I saw him in either.  He always plays that same type of character, that mean, kind of dumb, not a lot of brains, flies off the handle kind of guy.  I guess he plays it well, cause, I've seen him do it before.  I didn't like the flower store guy, glad he got shot at the end.
And then at the end, what was all that crap about becoming a bus driver??  Wouldn't you just take off your cop uniform and walk out of town, more or less.  Would you take off your cop uniform and then put on your bus uniform.  I doubt it.  
AND one more thing, do you really think he would give all his money to that girl so she could give it to the Boys Club.  Trust me, the boys club is gonna get their money, they don't need Ben Afleck to save the boys club.
BTW, Ben was gonna move to Tangerine Florida, which BTW is right outside Apopka, FL up Highway 441 on your way to Mount Dora.  I wonder how Ben knows about Tangerine FL..  It is like nothing.  There is a little airport up that way, but I wonder how he knows about it.  Interesting...........................

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  1. not your best review, sorry but you got this one wrong... i give a 1 biglou on biglou's review......