Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One of my sponsors took me to go see the movie FOCKERS today.  BigLOU thought the FOCKERS SOCKED  The first FOCKERS were funny,  The 2nd FOCKERS had  a few parts that were funny.  The 3rd FOCKERS the one I just saw, had very few parts that were funny.
The only thing going for the FOCKERS is their name.  The name FOCKER is funny for a few laughs, but is it funny for 3 Movies??? , that is a long time of being funny over the same joke.  If his name was Greg Idontknowwhat, the movie wouldn't even be made.
Another thing going for this FOCKER movie is they have a lot of really famous actors, Robert Deniro, Barbara Streissand, Dustinn Hoffman, Blythe Danner(Mother of Gwyneth Paltrow.  Is Gwynette Paltrow all that???)  Ben Stiller (Son of Jerry Stiller). Also, appearing in the FOCKERS is the great Harvey Keitel.  Harvey Keitel starrred in that classic Quentin Tarantino Movie Resevoir Dogs, which is one the greatest movies of the 90's ...

. it is BigLous favorite Quentin Tarantino Movie, and that is saying a lot because Biglou is a BIG Quentin Tarrantino fan.  You need to watch this scene.  The one with the great late Chris Penn, who recently passed away.   Watch and you will see one of the greatest scenes in the history of movies. WATCH.  Also appearing in the Fockers is one of the Wilson Brothers.   Also, Good news for all you Vince Vaughn Fans.. Biglou saw about 20 minutes of previews and Vince Vaughn has a new movie coming out in like 2 weeks. and it looks kind of funny..  I hope one of my sponsors takes me to that movie too.  And I hope they buy me popcorn again, too.
Also, this Ben Stiller makes a lot of movies too.  Who would think he could be a leading man actor..  That could be an  E Hollywood Untold Story "How does Ben Stiller Carry a Movie" the E Unbelievable Hollywood Story. 
Also the FOCKERS will NOT, I repeat WILL NOT be nominated for any Biglouie Awards.......

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