Friday, December 24, 2010

Today' review will be the inside

Today, Biglou will be reviewing the movie THE INSIDE, starring Ryan Phillippe.  Biglou thinks but  could be wrong that he was once married to Reese Witherspoon.  Biglou does not think she is all that. She is kind of  plain. Biglou would not throw her out of bed or anything but he wouldn't drive 2 miles out of his way at 2 in the morning either.  She is alright but she aint all that either.  She is a lot like Sandra Bullock. They both could play the same parts in the same movie.
If you put Reese Witherspoon as that blonde that Sandra Bullock played, the mother of that black football player in that movie, I can't think of the name of that movie  Oh yeah, BLINDSIDE.  I didn't even see that movie.  They are both kind of the same, not ugly, not all that, not intimidating to other woman, so women can like them too.

Anyway back to the movie THE INSIDE, not to be confused with the great movie starring Clive Owen called the INSIDE MAN.  In the INSIDE MAN starring Clive Owen, Clive robs a bank, and then he has to sit in the bank in a hole for 7 days all by himself.  Could you imagine just sitting in a hole for 7 days with nothing to do at all, just sit there.  Ok,  you have some food but you don't have TV, you don't have computer, you don't have books, nothing, just sitting in a hold about 3 feet wide by 4 feet wide.
I'll tell you what, go sit in your room for 1 hour with NOTHING and see how long that lasts.  You are not allowed to go to sleep, just sit there, go ahead I'll wait..................................OK, how was that, you were probably going crazy after about 5 minutes.... CLIVE did it for 7 days, and then he walked right out of the front door of the bank...  The INSIDE MAN is one the top 5 movies of 2007, it also stars that black guy that I always forget his name.. He is the cop.  AS a matter of fact his partner is another black guy who was the black guy in the movie SALT who was shooting at Angelina Jolie for no reason at all.

Here is a question for you.???? There are 4 black guys that play in all the movies when a black guy is needed for a leading part????  Can you name 3 of them for 3 Biglou points????  I'll wait ................
Ok, the answer will be in tomorrows Post.

The Movie INSIDE, starring Ryan Phillippe is pretty good.  I haven't seen all of it yet, because I started watching at 11PM last night and I was getting tired. ( I never abreviate the word "night", like 'nite".  Everyone does that but I don't.  A lot of people don't even know how to spell "NIGHT" correctly.)..  Anyway the Movie INSIDE is pretty good, so far Ryan Phillippe is going crazy about thinking he killed his brother, and something about his wife or girlfriend, and stuff.   I have to watch the end this morning..  But I am giving it 3 Biglous.  I recommend this movie to all my friends.


  1. Another good review by Biglou. THE INSIDE is not a bad MOVIE.

  2. a little confusing but good, can't wait for your nest review....