Friday, December 31, 2010

Someone Gave me the movie INCEPTION,

Someone gave Biglou the movie INCEPTION.  They want me to review it.  BiglOU will be reviewing the movie INCEPTION.. 

BIglou wants to thank those that get him movies for FREE to Review..  Biglou accepts all movies.. and is happy to review.. 

BigLou hopes everyone is looking forward to his review of INCEPTION.

If Biglou likes it.  IT can be nominated for a Biglouie.  Biglou needs to watch it before the year 2010 ends, if Biglou wants to nominate it for the BigLOUEE...

I have just decided to rename the Biglouie award to the "BigLouEE" award.  Double E... Like the train the DOUBLE EE....

So everyone please nominate your movies for the BiglouEE award.

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