Sunday, January 2, 2011

I still haven't seen True Grit yet.

I still haven't seen True Grit Yet.  The new True Grit anyways.  But I know someone who has seen it.  They can review this movie if they want.  They did not tell me if they liked it or not.
I don't think I will spend 10 bucks to see it.  or $2.50 at the dollar movie.  Maybe DVD, or someone could get it for me, when it comes out.

I can't imagine it being all that good.  It might keep your interest enough.  I mean with all the horses and all that country living.
Biglou should have lived in the country.  Biglou was made for the country life.  Living off the land, roughing it.  Traveling by horse and buggy, exploring new lands.  Hunting for your food.  Biglou was made for the outdoors.. Log cabins, stuff like that. Campfires...
Reminds me of that movie INTO the WILD, where the guy leaves civilization and walks into the woods to live off the land.

He finds an abandon Winnebago, (a trailer) and he lives in there. He is in Alaska and freezing his asssssss off. He couldn't cross the river to get back home. He ends up eating wild berries and dies. 
It is a real good movie and a real good book..
Vince Vaughn has a small part in the movie, and he isn't the Vince Vaughn character that he always plays. BigLou gives that movie 4 BigLOUs. Well, 3 BigLOUS for the movie, and 4 BigLOUS for the book.  BigLou recommends both.
BigLou should walk into the Wild and live off the land. 

Horses are amazing creatures.  I mean with that big body and those little skinny legs.  It is amazing they stand at all.  Let alone ride around the track with those little jockeys on their backs..  A horse is a weird looking animal.
Josh Brolin is in the new True Grit.  Biglou told you that Josh Brolin is in a lot of movies lately.. (Remember Biglou's previous post about NO COUNTRY for OLD MEN.  That movie had Josh Brolin in it, and Biglou told you then that Josh Brolin is in a lot of movies lately..  Biglou wasn't even thinking of TRUE GRIT when he said that)...

I saw the old True Grit many years ago.  John Wayne and Glen Campbell... I don't remember much about it.
John Wayne won best actor .   Can you believe that sh.............

I haven't seen TRON yet either.  The New TRON.  I know someone who saw that too.  They liked it.  They like every movie they see.  One time I asked someone who went to concerts a lot, "How was the show"???  They replied " the show kicked assss."  I then asked "What show didn't kick ass",  They then replied "they all kicked ass"..  I then asked "Have you ever been to a bad show"., again they replied " NO, all the shows they saw were good.  they liked all the shows they saw"..   .... I THEN REPLIED  " your opinion means crap, cause you think everything is good and nothing is crap".. You need crap to have good stuff... If everything was good, nothing would be crap....  You have to  have BAD, to know what GOOD is.. 
The moral of the story is ... Have a CLUE...


  1. Biglou,you are quite negative.

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