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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Biglou will be reviewing BURIED, starring that upcoming star Ryan Reynolds

Biglou will be reviewing BURIED....  Acording to the DVD cover this movie is Intense, Suspenseful, Crazy good Thriller and Terrifying....  How exciting is that...   Biglou can't wait.. This movie sounds fantastic....

2 of biglou's favorite scenes involve buried people...   The first one was when Tim Matheson is buried alive and he somehow digs his way out....    His girlfriend or wife and her boyfriend doctor drug and thought they killed him..   They had a funeral and everything, but he somehow is really not dead...  The undertaker or mortician as they like to be called, never did what they are suppose to do and they put Tim in a crate and bury him...  Tim Matheson wakes up and digs his way out.... CAN you imagine.. waking up in a box ... Biglou would go crazy..

This is Jennifer Jason Leigh.. She was the wife in Buried Alive.. She is great...
The 2nd buried person is  the girl in KILL BILL, when Michael Madsen and that little guy buried Uma Thurman in a box...  Could you imagine??? She was wide awake when they were shoveling the dirt on her box.....  The little guy was laughing and having a beer and spittin' tobacco juice.., like it was nothing... That was a funny scene... Then Uma, lit up a lighter or something and Karate chopped her way out of the box...

Great Scene.. Biglou will see if youtube has the you can get a feel of what it is like to be buried alive....Biglou would go nuts...   Biglou gets a little crazy when someone sits next to him at the movie theater...let alone get stuck in a box...  Ok, Biglou found the clip, ENJOY>>>>

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