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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Have you ever heard of the movie Death Race 2.....

Neither has Biglou... Biglou never even heard of DEATH RACE 1...   Biglou will be watching Death Race 2..  Do you think I have to see Death Race 1 to appreciate Death Race 2...

Is it like, you have to see Godfather 1 to really understand Godfather part 2...    Or like Back to future, when the second one is Return of Back to the Future... That gets confusing.. And then they made the 3rd Back to the Future and the went back to Cowboy days,, What was that all about.... They went  from the 80's to the 50's, in the 1st , then they went to 2020's .. then they go to the 1800's ,, confused??????   Heck yeah...

Could you have a Caddyshack 2 if you didn't have Caddyshack 1...    Or a Meatballs 2 without Meatballs 1...    Or Teen Wolf 2 had nothing to do With Teen Wolf 1...   they actually played different sports..

Or are all the Die Hard Movies related????    What about the Rockies... Could you have Rocky 2 without Rocky 1....  or Rocky 7 without Rock 6..??????    What about the Scary Movies ????   Damian omen 3..... that is scary.. 

here is one.. Batman with different people playing batman.???? what is that????   Or how about the Star Warss Triology....Biglou  knows people that claim STAR WARS is not the first Star Wars movie made... HUH????  confused..... Biglou knows they are>>>

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