Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do you know what is great about Biglou????

Looks like a very "charming" movie
Do you know what is great about Biglou????   Biglou will tell you... The thing that is so great about Biglou is that he has an open mind.... Although "The Kings Speech" which was nominated for 12 academy awards and looks like a boring lame ass English movie that no real person will watch and enjoy..  And that is looks like one of those OVERATED artsy movies that no real person enjoys. 

WELL, Biglou is not going to tell you that the movie is a piece of crap, and not worth his time...That is what is great about Biglou...

Biglou will NOT be reviewing "The King's Speech"... Biglou reviews Movies about REAL people, with real life applications  Biglou does not review King's SPeech...

Also, Biglou just looked at the list of movies nominated for an OSCAR,,, and since when did they nominate 10 movies... In Biglou's day, they nominated only 5 really good movies.. Now, all of a sudden, they are nominating TEN!!!   What movie are they leaving out????????????

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