Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Good, Funny. Little Movie, Nobody has ever heard of.........

Biglou saw a good, funny, little movie, called Extract.  It is not a crazy funniest movie of  all time. But it has a lot of parts that are very funny, and Biglou enjoyed the movie more than he thought he would.  Biglou recommends this movie for all to see.

Biglou knows not everyone will think this movie is that funny.  You have to watch patiently and watch intently to enjoy the humor.  The humor in this movie doesn't come out and grab you.  The humor is subtle but very funny.  Biglou laughed out loud.  Biglou was rolling on the floor, laughing out loud..  Or as the new kids say ROTFLOL.  
So, give this movie some time, watch it multiple times. It gets funnier as you watch it.  
Oh, BTW, Biglou did not know Benjamin Afleck was in this movie, but he is.  See if you can guess who Ben Affleck is.  Biglou just found out.   Jason Bateman is the star of the movie, (He was the star in the classic Teen Wolf #2, not the real classic Teen Wolf #1, with Michael J. Fox).  Anyways, Jason Bateman is the star of the movie and he is pretty funny.  
Biglou gives extract 3 Biglouees.

Here is a scene in the movie....


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  2. Very good movie review. You should be paid to do this!