Sunday, January 9, 2011

Country WRONG.............

Hello Everyone, today Biglou will be reviewing the movie "Country Strong", or as Bgilou calls it Country Wrong.

The big wrong with "Country Strong' is you have Gwynette Paltrow who by last account is an Actress, but this week she wants to be a 'singer'.  What the heck.... Choose one..  Were you bored with being called a great actress.

And, I guess Tim Mcgraw got tired of being a singer and he decided he wants to be an actor. Biglou remembers Tim Mcgraw in the movie  "Friday Night Lights", (one of Biglou's favorites that year),  he was a drunk in that movie.

So you got, Patrow the actor wanting to be Paltrow the singer, and you got Mcgraw the Singer wanting to be Mcgraw the  Actor.
???Did the late great Tug Mcgraw, Tim's father, go from being a pitcher to a hitter???.. Answer NO... You stay with what you are good at.. (Biglou is a bigfan of TUG Mcgraw, that is why we put a picture of the tugger here., Winning the World Series, with the Phillies, 1980).

There you go, you got the making of a great movie.

Biglou says, if you are a country music lover, you might want to see this movie, (he guesses).
But for the rest of us normal people, Biglou recommends that you recommend this movie to all your enemies.

 Biglou gives "Country gone Wrong" ONE BIGLOUEE.

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