Thursday, January 13, 2011

Biglou just saw one of the greatest animal movies of all time.

This could be the "feel good" movie of the year.  Biglou will not be setting his big foot in a lake, ocean, river, canal or even the shower, after the seeing one of the scariest movies about fish of all time. The name of that movie is PIRANNAH..

Have you ever seen Jaws or Moby Dick, or any other movie that has fish eating people, well the movie PIRANNA is all that, and a bag of potato chips.  DO NOT GO IN THE WATER.... and if you like going into the water DO NOT WATCH the movie PIRANNA.

BigLOu is NOT going swimming any time soon.  This movie is scary and scarier.  Have you ever been at the beach and felt something touch your toe...  Scary ... Get out of the Water...

Piranna makes Jaws look like a comedy... Biglou likes that movie where the scuba divers get left behind in the middle of the ocean..  Biglou forgets the name of that movie... , But Biglou thinks that is a scary movie.. More of a mental scared than actually seeing anything happen...

Biglou gives Piranna 3 BigLOUEES... that is a pretty good rating.... Biglou doesn't give out Biglouees for nothing....

Piranna has the guy from the original Jaws (Biglou is not a fan of Richard Dreyfuss)... Piranna also has the girl from the original Karate Kid.!!!!!!!

(Biglou, bigfan of Elizabeth Shue)............

Also one of these guys from the movie "Stand by me" was in the movie Piranna too.
Guess which one???

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