Sunday, August 14, 2011

GLEE the Movie is nonstop musical entertainment

This girl plays in Glee
This is Fran Drschner.. She does NOT Play on GLEE.
A MUST SEE.!!!!!!!!!! 
Many of you probably do not know this but Biglou was once in the GLEE Club... Biglou starred   for the GLEE club in the 4rh Grade...Biglou's Glee Club was famous for its rendition of the "LOVE BOAT", and they were world renowned for their version of the BEE GEES "STAYING ALIVE"... I...I... I..  staying alive, staying alive.
Biglou is very proud of his singing abilties and can be found at  many Karaoke contests around the major metropolitan areas across the country and Europe...

21One of Biglou's favorite "GLEEsters" is ADELE.  Adele is pretty famous right now... She's got the new song "rolling in the deep"  Biglou saw her sing it on that dancing show, and Biglou really liked it... It seems all the shows play a version of ADELE's rolling in the deep.. The girl on American Idol sang it (Haley Rheinhart, she came in 3rd Place)  Here is her rendition of "Rolling in the deep"  Biglou likes Haley's rendition of Rolling in the Deep better than Adele'. 

 Also the girl on "THE VOICE" did "rolling in the deep"....  So it is a very popular song....

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