Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Movie of the Week!!!!,,,, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark",,,?????

Everyone is talking about the movie "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"...  Biglou just heard about it... Biglou seems to be out of the loop, "as they say"...  Biglou should be up on the "BIG" movie of the week,  But it looks like he dropped the ball..

"Don't be Afraid of the Dark", stars everyone's favorite Edwina Richard, who you should remember for unforgettable part, in that unforgettable movie, "Fool's Gold", that starred the forgettable Mathew Mconohey, and Biglou favorite Kate (daughter of one of the Hudson Brothers) Hudson.   In "Fool' Gold", Edwina played the part of the Gem Crew Woman... Is it starting to come back now???????  Do you now remember Her??

Also in "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" stars everyones all time favorite Paul Gleeson.. Biglou has never heard of Paul Gleeson..  Biglou thinks he got the job, maybe because his father is Jackie Gleason??? Biglou not sure if nepotism played a a part in thss??? Jackie Gleason who is also known as the "Great One"..  What does Jackie Gleason and Wayne Gretzky have in Common.???? Answer,  They are both called the "Great One....

Wayne Gretzky is married to Janet Jones, who was great in "Chorus Line", and she  also starred in the "Flamingo Kid", with Hector Elezondo...Matt Dillon was also in that....Also, Biglou just found this out,  Janet Jones played in that baseball movie about women playing baseball, "A League of their Own".... Biglou did not know that Janet Jones played a pitcher for the RACINE team... Also Biglou just found out that Tea Leoni played in that movie too..  How bout that".......

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