Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Biglou thinking about going to see the HELP again... Biglou can't figure out why so many people are seeing this Movie... And Biglou wants to see if he is missing something...

Biglou hasn't seen an Emma Stone movie all week..   Where has Emma gone.. Where's Emma, where did she go... Is her streak over... Is the Emma Stone Streak OvER????

Maybe the reason Biglou is going to go see the HELP again, is because he misses Emma Stone.....Biglou has not seen or heard from Emma in 2 whole Days!!!!!

Who else is in the HELP????  What is all the fuss about??  Is it the Feel good movie of the Year??? Will it make you laugh???  Will it make you cry?????.... Will it make you laugh and cry at the same time...   ????/   Is it humanly possible to laugh and cry at the same time???/  Is Emma Stone Human.???  Can one human be in 5 movies at one time.???  You can if your name is Emma....

1 comment:

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